Are you using spray sunscreen every day as part of your skincare routine? If not, you could be allowing your skin to age more quickly than it needs to. You see, it’s not just on days when the sun is out that it’s needed, meaning that you should wear it whenever it’s daylight.

The mere fact that it’s daylight outside means the sun is up over the horizon and just happens to be shrouded by clouds. UVB rays are the type we’re all used to worrying about, but UVA rays also exist, and they can burn through clouds…and windows, for that matter. 

Wearing sunscreen every day is a necessity if you want younger skin for longer, so join us now as we explain a little more about why daily use is recommended.

Why Should I Wear Spray Sunscreen Every Day?

The planet’s atmosphere is great for shielding us from those deadly gamma rays you find out in space, but it’s still not able to keep all of its UV rays out. What does make it through the atmosphere turns the sky blue, warms us and allows life to happen all over the world. 

The problem with not wearing spray sunscreen every day is that UVA rays are perhaps the most damaging types and can damage not just your skin but also your eyes and your immune system. They also happen to penetrate the skin most deeply, resulting in a loss of elasticity, meaning that wrinkles, fine lines and wrinkles aren’t far behind. 

The Ageing Effects of Sun Damage

Exactly how much does the sun affect how old your skin looks? Well, it’s not uncommon for people to look 10 years older than they actually are. That’s a significant difference and it won’t matter a jot if you’re wearing the best moisturizing creams every day – as sun damage is sun damage.

Not only that, but your immune system can become compromised when you get too much sun – something that impacts how well your immune system works. This can make you vulnerable to diseases and viruses. Not something you associate with sun worshipping, right?

So, Does Everyone Have to Wear It?

In short, everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or asian, if you go outside each day – which applies to most people – you can’t help but be exposed to UV rays. The only group of people who shouldn’t be wearing sunscreen are babies under 6 months old, as they shouldn’t even be out of the shade at that age. 

Wear Spray Sunscreen Each Day – For the Sake Of Your Youth

If there’s one thing you should remember about sunscreen is that it’s the best possible defence for skin ageing. If you wear it each day, you WILL stay looking younger for longer, as your skin will retain its suppleness and youthful appearance. 

You can spend hundreds of dollars on creams and lotions to make you look younger, but if you don’t tackle the aspect of sun damage, all that money may end up counting for nothing. 

Wearing sunscreen every day isn’t too much of a chore – especially when you see how much it gives you – so be sure to apply it every day. 


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