HiPet is a well-known and reputed pet supplies provider and producer of wholesale pet supplies; they are situated in China, but they are professionals at what they do. They serve customers on more than five different continents thanks to their enormous worldwide clientele. This is a result of their high-quality materials, sample techniques, customization options, and quick delivery and shipment procedures. You should consider working with them if you own a large pet supply company or store. They have established a sustainable supply chain from raw materials to finished pet products in less than ten years since starting their export company for fabrics and pet supplies.

HiPet’s production and distribution process


HiPet seeks to source content. This is a time-efficient and money-saving option that helps them maintain quality control and create the highest caliber stuff. Each stage needs work, money, and energy. That might exhaust the workforce that is already employed, and finding new workers and finding labor for manufacturing and production can be challenging. The quality of the fabric used while sewing items for pets such as dog clothes, pet mattresses, pet carriages, dog harnesses, etc. is crucial to the success of the project. As a result, they instruct other textile businesses to obtain the best fabric possible from Shaoxing, China, a city that is widely renowned for producing and processing fabric.


HiPet provides a variety of alternatives for modifying and personalizing pet care items. From creating goods with various constructions, fillings, and colors. Additionally, they produce items in quantity in extra-small and extra-large sizes. They will bring samples to your selected place for your review and mail off samples in the shortest amount of time. We will cover your international express price while you are responsible for paying for the product samples.


Following client approval of samples, machinery is used to start the procedures and methods that turn raw materials or semi-finished items into final products. The cloth made by an outsourced textile firm is first unpacked. They will take over for Original Equipment Manufacturing orders and transmit all processing information, monitor order status, and keep consumers informed via text messages, images, and videos. Every phase has available manpower, and the manufacturing assures order lead time, quantity, and product quality. Obviously, this stage is crucial, and workers must continue tracking on a regular basis.


This is a crucial stage that guarantees clients obtain items that are free from flaws and satisfy their demands. When done incorrectly, it can endanger customers and harm a company’s brand. Pre-production, Mid-production sample check, and Final check prior to shipment are the three stages of inspection that the products go through during the manufacturing and production stages. Following that, they gather all of the needed goods from their storehouse and do the last check or repack before loading. Products that don’t meet quality standards are immediately returned back and remade.


We will double-check the product list before loading to ensure that every item is in order and ready at the warehouse. After properly loading the goods, they should be transported from the storehouse to the customer. The cargo is distributed equally throughout the container during loading; the general guideline is to place larger cloth wraps or boxes at the bottom and lighter ones on the upper edge. A logistics or transportation business controls and supervises the shipping process, which comes after the production and packaging of commodities. After loading, we verify the information twice and transmit pictures of the empty and half-full containers, the container door locked, and the sealing key so that clients can stay informed.


After we finish loading the container as a reputable exporter in China, the following step is to complete the China Customs Declaration. China Customs must get the required documentation from us. Customs examines the paperwork at each end, and the shipment is typically delivered on schedule.

Why do you require a sourcing agent?

A sourcing agent with fluency in the Chinese language is necessary for this procedure; he can assist you in handling all requirements based on Chinese laws and regulations. This pet supplies wholesale distributor requires a sourcing agent to deal with the client and their officials, so that they can handle things easily. For customization and personalization of orders, the sourcing agent communicates between both parties.

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