Broken bones can happen to anyone in a car accident. They are caused by the blunt force of impact, and the resulting compression and swelling of these bones can cause extensive damage. Any bone can break in a car accident, but the most common areas to be broken are the hands, wrists, and arms. Swollen or red areas are signs that a bone has been broken. These injuries can result in deformity, or even loss of function.

Impact injuries can range from irritations to major trauma. While pain and swelling from a car accident can be self-healing, some injuries may require immediate medical attention. Injuries resulting from a car accident can happen to the driver or passengers of both cars. It doesn’t matter who is at fault – a car accident can be dangerous for both parties. However, if you know the most common injuries resulting from a car accident, you can make plans to minimize the risk of being hurt by another car.

A spinal cord injury may lead to paralysis or partial or total paralysis. Aside from pain, this type of injury can also lead to problems with balance and muscle control. Ahead-on collision can result in knee injuries, including a torn ACL or broken bone. Severe injuries may require surgery to replace a knee. Symptoms of a spinal cord injury should be evaluated by a medical professional.


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