If you are considering getting testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), you may be wondering whether to use a national laboratory. The truth is that T levels can vary greatly from one lab to another. Testosterone level tests are the primary means by which doctors determine whether a patient is eligible for TRT. In this way, the patient is unwittingly playing Russian roulette – selecting the wrong doctor and TRT nation can doom his or her endocrinological future. Testosterone researcher Abraham Morgenthaler, who is passionate about testosterone, conducted a survey of 12 academic and community medical laboratories. He also surveyed one national lab.

TRT NATION labs use serum-based specimen calibration to ensure their T values are consistent. Although this is not mandatory, participating in the program enables laboratories to use the same kits and testing methodologies. The company’s philosophy is based on restoring T values to a youthful state. For those interested in TRT, serum-based specimen calibration is an excellent option. But it is not recommended for everyone. There is a risk of toxicity from higher levels of testosterone in the blood.


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