Car accidents may be a turning point for many people because they can ruin your personal, professional and social life if they are major ones. It has also been observed that some people don’t receive injuries and get their car damaged to a certain extent that qualifies for a claim. They may get confused about whether they should take the pains of filing a claim. You must contact a car accident lawyer to find out more about whether to file a claim with the insurance company. Since he is a legal professional, he can suggest a suitable way out as per state laws.

Major injuries

Some injuries such as head injuries, fractures, and back and neck injuries qualify for compensation. It is important to get medical attention as soon as possible because a doctor can give you the details of the extent of injuries received. Moreover, if your mental health is getting worse after the accident, you can file a claim. It should be noted that some injuries can heal within a few days and don’t need doctor’s visits on a regular basis. A medical practitioner and your personal experience can say a lot about your suffering. 

Major car repairs 

If your car has not been damaged in a car accident, you can forget about filing a claim with the insurance company. If the damages are minor and you can afford to get them fixed, you must not file because it may decrease the value of your insurance. However, if the damages are more, you must get in touch with a lawyer to file a car insurance claim as he can evaluate the damages in a better manner and quote a fair amount. The insurance company will look into the claim and pay if it finds the claim valid.

Car damages due to the negligence of someone else 

If the car has been damaged because of the carelessness of someone else, you can file a claim. In this scenario, you will have to contact a car accident lawyer, who can assess your claim, collect evidence and file with the insurance company. Apart from this, he will stay in touch with the insurance company to get updates. You might need to file a claim with the insurance company of another party.

Depending on your financial conditions, losses and injuries, you should take a piece of advice from a lawyer.


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