MX Player is a great Android application that allows you to play any video files that you would like, whether they are stored on your computer or streamed over the internet. What makes this app unique is that it’s very easy to use and is much less intrusive than the likes of VLC. It also offers a number of gestures that allow you to easily control the actions that you want to perform.

Can play files from your local storage

MX Player is a media player for Android that comes with a lot of cool features. It is one of the best media players available for smartphones. This app allows you to play almost any media file, including audio files. You can customize it with custom codecs and playback settings.

The MX Player has a simple interface and is easy to install and use. The app has no hidden costs or fees and is available for free. However, it will ask you for permissions to access your storage.

Luckily, the app also has a lock screen feature. This feature is similar to the old password protection system, but it is more convenient. For instance, you can choose to use an onscreen kid lock to prevent your children from accidentally jumping to other apps.

Can stream video files from the internet or your local file server

If you are looking for a video player for your Android device, you may want to give MX Player a try. It is a free streaming media player that supports a wide variety of video formats. You can download it from the Google Play store.

MX Player also supports subtitles. The app is ad supported. However, ads do not block the active video. In addition, you can control the speed and volume of the video, as well as the screen brightness. There are also gesture controls.

You can choose to use a software decoder, or you can install a hardware decoder. Software decoding will save your battery and will have better video quality. Hardware decoding, on the other hand, can increase the speed of the video.

Accepts many gestures for easy action control

MX Player is a free to play, free to download and free to use ad nascent mobile video streaming app. In fact, it is free to use on your mobile device and your television alike. The software is also well integrated into your home entertainment system, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on your favorite YouTube and Vimeo content. Moreover, you can pair your phone with your favorite Bluetooth headset for some hands free listening and viewing. This is the mobile video experience you have always dreamed of having. A nifty feature is the secondary menu, which lets you hard press on the same screen that you are using to view content. Unlike a lot of other mobile video solutions, the MX Player is a true mobile solution, with all your video files and playlists ready to go when you’re ready to start watching them.

Is less obtrusive than VLC

If you’re looking for a media player for Android, MX Player is a great choice. It’s got a clean interface, great touch-based controls, and an impressive collection of features.

VLC, on the other hand, has an equally attractive user interface, but offers a few advantages. For example, it has a side toolbar with a native file browser and an option to send content to Chromecast. You can also control your video playback with gesture based controls.

Another feature is the ability to change subtitles in playback. With this feature, you can choose subtitles in the active window, rather than having to manually download them. Similarly, you can configure the volume for different frequencies.

There are a number of other features available in both MX and VLC. One of the most noteworthy is their support for HW+ decoding, which boosts the quality of videos while allowing you to play them in a lag-free manner.

Expanding to more international markets

MX Player, a video streaming platform owned by India’s Times Internet, is expanding to seven more countries, including Bangladesh, Nepal and New Zealand. The service is currently available in India, UAE, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Canada. It also has a foothold in the US and UK.

In addition to its global content library, MX Player offers a variety of local content across the globe. For example, it has a wide range of content from countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This includes music, movies, dubbed and original series and sports.

MX Player is a free service, and it is available on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire TV Stick. It also offers ad-free subscription options, as well as a genre-based plan. Currently, it has over 175 million Monthly Active Users, a figure that it expects to increase to 300 million in the future.


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