2018 has been an up and down year for social media. On the one side we have seen a massive rise in usage as people of all ages, genders and interests take photos, share photos and make video with friends.On the other we have witnessed a decline in the use of social Newmanwired media due to the increasing competition from traditional media platforms.This decline is being largely blamed on users looking for new ways to connect with others and make friends more easily instead of seeking out fun, challenging and exciting content to share with friends.Here are five ways that social media is going back into fashion this year: Catch up on all the latest news from around the world using our app. You can also search for or access news together with your friends throughually compatible apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.. We’ll see you next week! 1) Facebook Newsfeeds

Facebook Newsfeeds

This may not be the most significant news you’ve ever heard, but it’s a topic that’s been discussed for years and has plenty of room for debate ifvod tv. Some experts believe that the introduction of live video feed and the popularity of Instagram have lured in a new generation of social media users. Others point to the rising popularity of video games and the popularity of live photos in these platforms as the main reason people are now exploring social media platforms in greater numbers.The newsfeeds on both Facebook and Instagram contain everything from your previously shared photos to recent communications. In other words, your friends can see everything you’ve posted since you became a friend and see everything you post with them.This feature has been available since early 2014, but it’s getting a much-needed makeover this year with the launch of the new app. In addition to displaying the latest headlines and photos, users can now create and share their very own “newsfeed” with more than 200,000+ topics and photos that expand on the existing content.Similar to the current trend of horizontal scrolling, users will now scroll all the way to the top of the newsfeed to see what’s coming up next. And since the newsfeed will automatically be populated with new content when a story is published, users won’t even have to leave the app to see what’s new or interesting.When it comes to the features that make up the new app, there are plenty. For one, you can now create and add your own “stories,” which you can then later share with your friends and family. You can also set up alerts for when new posts are added, set up links that go straight to your stories, and create a feed that automatically refreshes as new content is published. And importantly, the newsfeed is now accessible for both Android and iPhone users — which is important since this feature will be the heart of both the new and old Instagram platforms. That’s a great sign that Facebook is working towards a future without traditional media — and we can only hope that these benefits are translated into full-blown adoption in the near future.


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