Regardless of whether your feline has a short or long coat, it is important to provide relief from the heat. Here are some helpful tips to help keep your feline friend cool during sweltering days.

Being a pet owner in the summer can be more challenging. Unlike humans, feline fur babies can’t directly communicate their discomfort and ask for help to cool down. This often leads to spending a significant amount of time observing their behavior.

This task becomes even more difficult if you have a black cat, as it tends to absorb more heat. Also, a kitty exposed to the hot sun is susceptible to dehydration, seizures, and sunstrokes, which is why you should try your best to ensure your cat’s health and comfort during soaring temperatures.

Simultaneously consider being equipped with cat insurance in NZ, so you have a medical financial backup during unanticipated health situations like this and many others. Contemplate purchasing cat insurance so your furball can avail of quality medical care during medical emergencies with less financial stress.

In the meantime, take the simple measures below to ensure your cat remains cool and comfortable on scorching days.

1.Water sources

Ensuring your cat remains cool during hot days involves promoting hydration. Take the following steps to keep your cat well-hydrated:

A.Many water dishes

Make several water dishes available to your fluffy friend. Keep them in shaded indoor/outdoor areas away from their food yet still easily accessible.

B.Scatter water sources inside the home

By distributing water bowls and fountains in places where your cat spends time, you can ensure it always has access to a fresh drink.

C.Regularly change the water

It’s essential to change the water repeatedly to ensure it remains cool and free of particulate matter, dust, and cat hair.

D.Incorporate wet food

Besides offering your kitty pie fresh water, consider feeding it wet food. Unlike dry food, wet food has a significant water content that contributes to your cat’s hydration. Including wet food in its diet can help prevent dehydration when the temperature rises.

E.Gigantic ice cubes

Consider implementing a gradual cooling method by using an ice bowl. Take a plastic bowl, fill it with fresh water, and place it in the freezer so it freezes overnight. Later in the morning, remove the frozen bowl and keep it outside to allow it to melt gradually through the day.

This technique ensures that the furry feline has access to cool water in a bowl for some time at least. But when the cube melts and is left like that, the water in the bowl can get warm as the day progresses.

2.Explore cooling mats

Consider purchasing a specially designed cooling mat for pets. These products are designed to absorb a kitty cat’s body heat and facilitate its dissipation into the surrounding environment. While they may not feel as cold, they effectively regulate temperature and provide your furry baby with much-needed comfort on a warm day.

Note that feline pets can puke, have dilated pupils, yowl, and behave restlessly when the temperature gets hot. If you spot these signs, give your furry best friend some cool water to drink. If your pet still seems to have a problem, immediately take it to the vet.

The vet might suggest appropriate treatments to restore your pet’s body fluids and overall health. Simultaneously consider being prepared with cat insurance in NZ so you don’t have to bear the entire costs involved in getting your munchkin cured.

Cat insurance allows you to support your furball with quality health care during challenging times of health with a minor economic burden, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.


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