A car crash can change everything for you. If the other party was liable for an accident in Bellevue, they are also accountable for your damages, thanks to the fault-based system in Washington. Many people will talk about filing an insurance claim, which is all you need to do to recover a settlement, but that is not entirely true. In this post, we are discussing the relevance of spending on an auto accident attorney in Bellevue.

Insurance companies are in for a dirty game

You would hope that the insurance adjuster will make a fair offer, which is unlikely. Remember that insurance companies only want those fat premiums and often adhere to dirty means and ways to deny claims. Even when the adjuster calls you, they will usually have an ulterior motive. They may ask for a recorded statement or want you to sign a release so that they can access your medical history. No matter what the claim is worth, don’t engage with the insurance company beyond the initial intimation unless you have a lawyer.

It doesn’t cost anything to seek legal consultation

Most law firms in Bellevue will gladly offer to review your auto accident claim. The consultation doesn’t come for a fee, and at the least, you deserve to know what the claim is worth. Also, if you decide to engage the lawyer, it would be on a contingency arrangement, where the lawyer’s fee depends on whether you win or settle the case. When you recover money, the lawyer takes a part of it, usually a percentage. Even when you don’t have money to pay a lawyer, you can seek legal advice and be proactive with the case.

Your lawyer can do so much more

Besides negotiating the settlement, your lawyer is also dstvportal for other things. For instance, they will evaluate what damages you can recover and investigate the accident to determine liability. There is always a chance that more than one party is liable for your losses. They will also take care of the legal work, especially when the claim goes to court. You may have to go for a trial if the insurance offer is insufficient or the amount is unlikely to cover everything.

Final word

While you can do without an attorney when your damages are minimal, it is still wise to discuss the prospects with an expert. At the least, you will know you are not settling for dstvportal.


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