Double-sided tape is an absolute godsend if you’re looking to do anything around the house, it’s useful for so many things! From putting up family pictures to taping down carpets and even furniture. But 3M double-sided tape isn’t just used around the home. It has uses in arts and crafts, and even in construction.

What Are Some Permanent Uses for Double-Sided Tape?

Before we discuss the easy-to-remove, temporary uses for double-sided tape, we should first talk about where you might use it in a permanent fashion.

Arts & Crafts

Double-sided tape has many permanent applications in the arts and crafts world, with the primary one that comes to mind being to affix photographs or art prints to matboard and/or to affix matboard to the foam or cardboard backing. This is typically done using archival 3M double-sided tape, so as not to cause damage to the product over time.


One of the primary industries for permanent double-sided tape is in the construction industry. Permanent double-sided tape can be used to secure insulation to walls, or to tape vapour barrier over the top of insulation. It can also be used to secure flooring underlay and soundproofing.

What Are Temporary Uses for Double-Sided Tape?

More often than not, double-sided tape is a temporary measure – some double-sided tape is designed to be temporary in fact. Some of 3M’s double-sided tape is designed this way and can be easily removed from a wall without leaving residue or doing damage to the paint.

At Home Uses

Double-sided tape can be used around the home for a great many things. These can include sticking up posters, photographs and artwork in a rental (where one might not be allowed to make holes in the walls), or even in your own home if you don’t want to damage the paint. These types of double-sided tape are typically residue-free. Though, if you do find one that does leave residue, it can be washed off easily with warm water.

“COMMAND” also makes command strips – double-sided adhesives, connected by strong velcro – this is to be used with framed artwork – it’s technically ‘temporary’ though it is so strong that you may still get some paint stripping when you remove it. Use with caution.


Another common place to find 3M double-sided tape is in the woodworker’s shop. Sometimes carpenters and other woodworkers use double-sided tape to temporarily tape bits of wood together to check measurements or apply finishing cuts, sanding or even lacquering the wood. The important thing about temporary 3M double-sided tape is that it leaves no residue on the wood, which is important for when you want to put a more permanent adhesive on afterwards.

Vision Boards & Organisation

Another great use for 3M double-sided tape is organise things on a wall – let’s say you have a vision board in your office, or your idea board if you’re a creative person! Either way, things like this change and are fleeting, so you’ll want to make sure that you use 3M’s double-sided tape to temporarily put things up on the wall.

3M double-sided tape comes in many different forms, some are permanent, others are temporary – though it may be one of the best brands for double-sided tape out there, it’s important that you choose the type of tape that’s going to work for your application.


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