As a podiatrist, you may have the question: “How much does a podiatrist earn an hour?” It’s important to know that income levels can vary greatly depending on the state where you work. You may specialize in sports medicine, orthopedics, diabetic care, or wound care. Some doctors are also specialists in dermatology, radiology, or even dermatology and geriatrics. To find out the average hourly wage, click here.

Salaries vary by state and metropolitan area. In the U.S., a podiatrist can earn anywhere from $72,947 to $207,644. This salary range includes bonuses of up to $49,698 and profit sharing contributions of $4,913 to $43,103 annually. Generally, the highest-paying metropolitan areas are San Mateo, CA, Green River, WY, and Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC. wikibiofacts Famous Peoples Biography, Family, Net Worth

The income of a podiatrist varies based on experience, geographical location, type of treatments provided, reputation, and hours of employment. NHS working hours are usually 37.5 hours a week. Private practice practitioners can work weekends and evenings. Sometimes, podiatrists also combine part-time work and freelance work. Other jobs in this field include home visits and locum work.

Salaries for podiatrists vary by state and U.S. territory. Pay may also differ based on years of experience. Forbes magazine estimates that jobs for podiatrists will increase slightly by 2029. Despite the low salary, the average income is still significant enough for many practitioners. Aspiring practitioners may go into debt to pursue their education, a podiatrist salary is light at the end of the tunnel.


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