When gantry cranes are being used, it is essential for operators to follow some basic safety precautions. This means ensuring that all safety equipment and wire ropes are working properly. Before starting a job, crane operators should first check the safety device before lifting heavy items. Usually, they should put down the heavy items once they have risen up to 0.5 meters. It is also necessary for crane operators to confirm the operation of the gantry crane before it begins work. During gantry crane operation, it is important to turn the controller handles to the “zero” position. They should also keep a record of the shifts they perform, and report any problems they encounter during the operation. Lastly, gantry crane operators should perform daily maintenance on the gantry crane.

Several safety precautions need to be observed during gantry crane operation. Operators must never exceed the rated load capacity of the crane. When lifting near the rated load capacity, they should test the brakes and lower the load block until it reaches the rated weight. Operators must also ensure that the load is balanced before lifting it. Before lifting the load, operators should perform a preliminary lift. Before lifting, operators should listen for any sounds that may indicate any damage or unbalance. Operators should also ensure that the load is balanced and avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration. Operators should also avoid lifting the load over personnel, and should ensure that rigging has been done properly. News of kannada

Before lifting, operators must be trained on proper gantry crane operation. Drivers should understand the structure and mechanism of the gantry crane. They should also know the functions of all safety devices. In addition, they must perform timely maintenance. Safety switches should be intact, transmission mechanisms must be reliable, and brakes should be tight. The operator should also check for loose bolts and scattered objects. As a result, a safe and reliable gantry crane operation will result in a more efficient and productive workplace.


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