If you have committed a crime, you may want to look into expungement in Greenville, South Carolina. Expungements are a great way to clean up your past and brighten your future. However, not all crimes can be expunged. In Greenville, South Carolina, you can contact the Chamberlain Law Firm, which was established in 1996 and has provided exceptional service to people throughout Upstate South Carolina.

To obtain an expungement in Greenville, South Carolina, you must submit an application. You must present your picture identification and the final dispositions of the arresting agency. You should also include payment for the application, which is done via money order or attorney check. This fee is not refundable. Because of the fact that laws change frequently, you may want to consult with an attorney before submitting your application. You can also contact your local government office to ask questions.

Once you have filed your application, you must wait at least a year for your case to be processed. The waiting period for an expungement depends on the severity of your offense. Expungement may take anywhere from six to nine months. In some cases, it can take even longer, so it is important to find a lawyer who understands the process and what you can expect from the process. Expungement is possible, and if your case qualifies, it may be worth your time and money.

An expungement will make your record less likely to be listed in a background check. In addition to removing your criminal record from the public record, expunged items can benefit you in several ways. Because they no longer appear on a person’s background, potential employers will not see these items. Expunged items may also help you when applying for housing, a state license, or membership in a professional organization. For the most comprehensive advice, consult a qualified criminal defense attorney in Greenville, SC.


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