a few days ago Just saw the news online. The story of one homeowner bringing a 4-inch grinding machine that is commonly used. Let’s install a 4-inch wood cutting blade and climb up the coconut tree to cut down the coconut tree. Normally, wood cutting blades and 4-inch angle grinders are already misused. The more used in high places unstable grip The grinding machine flew towards his chest.

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In this case, it is fortunate that it did not cut very deeply. Able to climb down to ask for help from neighbors and be taken to the hospital in time. Seeing the news, I would like to remind myself to use tools. If you try to search for the words “wood cutting blade, grinding machine, parable”, you will see a lot of news about misuse.

Grinding machines or grinding stones, or commonly known as angle grinders, are electrical tools that are often modified for use in the wrong type of work. which if asked if it is dangerous I can answer that it’s dangerous. If the platform is very small, Placed on the ground is not stable enough and uses poor quality cutting blades. Accidents will follow. Don’t think that it’s sold out. It shows that it’s well designed. That’s a bad idea. In the world of online products There are a lot of inferior quality items on sale. be very careful

Choosing to buy grinding stone blades, concrete cutting blades, steel cutting blades to use with the grinding machine If it’s a quality branded product, it will specify the features. of the product Let us choose to buy as appropriate According to the nature of work, for example, wood cutting blades from tool manufacturers like Makita will be written on the product “For Makita CUTTERS GRINDERS”. It works with other brands, but the real purpose is to be used with cutters only. Most technicians agree that the cutting blade is 4 inches in size and can be used with piglets. So I bought it to use. Without reading, not looking at the product, it can be used with any kind of tool. Or buy a cheap wood cutting blade that doesn’t have details on which tool to use. Probably the reason why many people use it with the wrong type of power tool.

But there are not many real technicians. Knowing Still uses the wrong type, so if you see a mechanic working whatever must be understood before following Technicians working with power tools, when they have used them so often that they become skilled, tend to be careless. Modify the tool to use the wrong type. Always want to keep in mind that using hand tools is risky. You have to concentrate a lot on work. like a grinding machine must hold steady Be careful of flicking the machine. If possible, hold it with both hands while using it.


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