The breast is a symbol of femininity. Many people, when their breasts are small, go for breast augmentation. because there is an idea that breasts enhance personality with more complex and special components than other organs. In fact, nature created the breast with motherhood, that is, it was born to breastfeed. Breasts are made up mostly of fat. make a soft organ.

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Inside the breast are milk ducts, mammary glands, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels. And connective tissue (Connective tissue) by the mammary glands are arranged in an orderly manner. shaped like a fan or the spokes of the wheel or turbine, centered on the nipple Between the spaces of the mammary glands is sebaceous and connective tissue.

The average woman has 15 to 20 lobes, each mammary gland is made up of many small lobules. Each small mammary gland will have a small duct. Many small ducts will come together to form a large duct. There are a total of about 6 to 10 pipes to open at the end of the nipple.

breast without muscle Place the patch on the chest muscles. with skin covered that can maintain its shape as a milk Because there is a ligament called Cooper’s ligament (Cooper’s ligament) to stretch the whole breast. In teenage girls The amount of connective tissue is equal to that of fat, and Duper’s ligaments are strong. Make the breast hard and resist gravity.

in older women or women who have had children In addition to the increase in fat, the Cooper’s ligament sag, making the milk more tender and sagging under the force of gravity.

breast size

The saying that big breasts are small Small breasts are a big deal. The value of breasts is to ask for something big first. When it comes to breast augmentation, you want to focus on a larger size. Maybe it’s because it’s a value from a model star. Having large breasts is directly related to your success in your career.

In fact, whether they have small breasts or large breasts, they have their own style of beauty.

The advantages of small breasts is not sagging with age and time passed People with small breasts tend to be agile and agile. While people with large breasts are often uncomfortable. inconvenient to do Over time, it tends to sag.

In the United States Even breast surgery is very common. But breast reduction surgery is also very common.

Having too big breasts called gigantic Gigantomastia is one that weighs more than 4.5 kilograms or about ten pounds. Both uncomfortable and inflexible. Not suitable for many professions such as soldiers, police, athletes, etc. The giant chest causes both heavy and shoulder pain. Especially if wearing a bra or bra is not the right size, it may cause pain to the neck and head.

What does the size of the breasts, large or small depend on?

It depends on the following factors.

  1. Heredity. If brothers and sisters, relatives, Kohotika have large breasts. Children have the right to have large breasts.
  2. Weight Obese people have a lot of fat. often have larger breasts than thin people
  3. Exercise If the pectoral muscles are strong and have convex muscle bundles, the chest will look larger than the person whose pectoral muscles are not strong. because the breast rests on the pectoral muscles In addition to exercise can increase the size. also makes the breasts not sag or slower than others non-exercise
  4. It is related to hormones. The female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone can make breasts bigger because the mammary glands, mammary ducts, have receptors for sex hormones. When receiving hormones to stimulate the breast will grow. Such hormones may be in the form of oral pills, injections, topical pills. Herbs that contain the female hormone estrogen are well known, such as Dong Kui, Kwao Krua, various women’s drugs, and uterine contractions.

Using drugs or herbs that contain sex hormones to stimulate the breast can make it big For people with many mammary glands and ducts (For those with small breasts, they are rarely stimulated to become larger), but be careful of potential dangers. The sex hormones that stimulate the breast, causing breast cancer. Stimulate the endometrium, causing hemorrhage or uterine cancer. Ovarian stimulation causes ovarian cancer.

  1. Related to change natural body modifications such as

During ovulation, which generally occurs on the 14th day of the menstrual period. for women with straight menstruation it is 28 days once. It is observed that during ovulation, the female hormone estrogen is secreted at its peak. Breasts will grow to the point of being stuffy.

pre-menstrual period This is because the female hormone progesterone is the highest secretion. Breasts will grow to the point of being stuffy.

during pregnancy It is the effect of the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. secreted from the baby’s placenta It is nature’s breast preparation to support breastfeeding. Breasts can be enlarged up to 2 to 3 times normal.

During lactation, it is the effect of prolactin and oxytocin hormones. have helped to cause milk production and milk secretion Milk-enriched breasts are enlarged. many times more than before

During the menopause, a lack of sex hormones causes the breasts to shrink, shrunk, atrophy, and flatten. In fact, the breasts begin to change negatively at the age of 35, but this is noticeable. When entering the golden age, aged 48 to 50 years onwards

Do both breasts have to be equal?

Just as our hands are not equal so is the breast

It can be seen that when breast augmentation surgery, each side may have different sizes of silicone implants. Because all women’s breasts on both sides are not the same size. Often the difference is not so much that the difference is not noticeable. However, I’ve met women with normal breasts. But they are different in size up to 3 times.

If the breasts are of different sizes over and over. since adolescence Most of the time, it’s nothing. But if suddenly growing up fast or not sure if it’s normal or not? You should see a doctor to see if is common or a lump in the breast to grow larger than normal

And according to statistics, the breasts of women on the left are often larger than the right. one belief because the men are right handed therefore often touch or stimulate the left breast This may make the left breast bigger.


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