Is American truck power superior to European truck power? The answer may surprise you. The first difference is a matter of scale. In the United States, trucks typically spend much of their life on the interstate system. These roads are straight and wide, making the ride more comfortable. Additionally, the wheelbase of American trucks is much longer, making it easier for drivers to reach a destination in a shorter amount of time. This can mean the difference between a comfortable journey and a traumatic one.

Another difference between American and European trucks is speed. Most European trucks have a maximum speed limit and need rest breaks. American trucks are usually capped at around 80 km/h. While European trucks are usually faster, they are less aerodynamic, and their fuel costs are nearly four times higher. European trucks tend to focus more on fuel economy gains, but the U.S. is increasingly focused on greenhouse gas emissions. This will drive truck powertrains to become more vertically integrated.

The US makes several kinds of trucks. Mercedes-Benz trucks are the most popular. These trucks are based on the Mercedes design of Europe. However, the Mercedes engines in European trucks are not the same as the ones found in smaller models. In addition, they incorporate a secondary turbo, which adds horsepower to the engine. For example, a truck with 600 horsepower in the US can produce up to 750 hp with a secondary turbo.

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