Traditional advertising has shifted the way how it works and still remains a crucial factor. But more and more companies realize the power of branded content. As you are trying not just to sell but create emotions, you should have branded content that tells a story about your values. Great branded content should highlight your mission and try to create a connection with your target customers.

How to create great branded content

What is interesting is that branded content doesn’t focus on products and their features and doesn’t try to promote them actively. And although it considers a new concept, it can be one of the best strategies to increase brand reach. 

1. Identify and research your audience

Probably read this advice numerous times, but it’s the basis of any successful marketing strategy. Analyze the market and find what type of prospect will be interested in your brand. Consider this target customers’ desires, motivations, and of course, demographic information. And, of course, collect data about their online behavior. Knowing what type of content they usually consume more, you can build and produce content that is tailored to their preferences. If you launch a new product like digital learning software, you maybe discover they need educational blog posts, so you should start to create them.

2. Build a content strategy

If you already did your job of analyzing your target audience, now it’s time to create a strategy that will tell you what steps you should take. First and foremost, write your exact branding goals, whether you launched a real estate chatbot that is integrated into your website or another kind of solution.

After that, you should find what kind of platforms your target audience uses the most and share there your branded conten. We mentioned that you should find what type of content your audience loves. You must create video content as it rules the market. But blog posts can effectively meet your customer’s needs.

3. Use the power of storytelling 

As we already mentioned, branded content’s goal is to express the brand’s values. One of the most effective tactics for sharing values is storytelling. Great stores can give a brand personality and show a human side, so people can easily resonate. Many companies create characters, even animation, that take the role of the brand advocate in a friendly tone.

If you want to hire writers and storytellers, you can use an HR tool to find the perfect candidates so you can create a story for your brand.

4. Don’t forget about social media

You can successfully create and promote branded content without using social media opportunities. Learn what are the latest social media trends and follow them. Combine it with your social media followers’ desires and create content that will have a high engagement.

Maybe this process will take time, but if you create outstanding social media branded content, you will gain a competitive advantage.

Final thoughts 

People love when brands share their core values with them. And for that reason, branded content is a winning tactic to connect with your audience. But you should know the right ways to create branded content in order to succeed. We discussed four tips, implemented them, and produced successful branded content.


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