The thriller genre is a type of fiction that is generally described by heightened moods, such as surprise, suspense, anticipation, and anxiety. Thrillers are considered to be among the most popular genres of fiction, and their popularity is growing. Various subgenres within the genre include mystery, crime fiction, and action/adventure. The thriller is often a combination of a few different genres, and each genre can have several different subgenres.

In order to be categorized as a thriller, a story must fulfill certain genre conventions. One of the most important conventions of the genre is that the protagonist must have some type of goal and be faced with threats from the villain. This means the protagonist must be in constant danger from the villain’s plot bet6.

A thriller needs to have a victim. The protagonist in a thriller must face the antagonist with their lives on the line in order to escape or solve the crime. In Gone Girl, for example, the protagonist, Nick, must figure out the plan of his lover before the police can arrest him. And in The Silence of the Lambs, the protagonist’s life is at stake when he confronts the villain. In Misery, Paul Sheldon’s life is at stake. When the book ends, Annie reveals that she had a plan to kill him.

A thriller aims to keep the audience guessing. Usually, the plot involves physical conflict and is often based on the nature of human nature. Thrillers also focus on plot twists and unexpected twists to keep the audience on edge. They are a great genre to watch for those who want to experience exhilarating feelings giniloh.


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